Do you also want to contribute with a donation or as a volunteer of an aid programme for refugees? To give you a better idea of the various existing initiatives, we list a number of contact addresses here which were compiled by the Austrian Federal Chancellery and the Union of Public Services. (The list below has been sorted alphabetically, is not necessarily exhaustive and most of the linked websites are in German.)

Asylum Coordination Austria

Asylum Coordination Austria has compiled various initiatives and contact addresses regarding refugee relief on its website. The focus is on local projects.

Since November 2015, the association has run the website (in German). The platform is aimed at people who want to rent out, sublet or donate accommodation to refugees but do not really know how to do so. It addresses key questions concerning the private housing of refugees and provides information about contact persons throughout Austria.

Education Initiative Austria

Education Initiative Austria (BIÖ) has launched an initiative against the exclusion of individuals from our society and started the PROSA (School for All!) project. Young refugees who are denied the right to education due to the discriminating legal situation in Austria are given the opportunity to complete compulsory schooling. You can give money directly on the project’s website.

Caritas Austria

Caritas Austria has compiled the most important information for volunteers wishing to help on its website "Help for refugees". This includes information about “Housing space for refugees”, "Cash donations", "Omni.bus – help for refugees in the Traiskirchen refugee camp", "Helping at Vienna’s West and Main Railway Stations", "Talk with people, dispel fears" and "Donating time".

Diakonie Refugee Service

Diakonie Refugee Services has set up its own website entitled "I want to help", providing volunteers with all the necessary information on the topics of "Providing housing space", "Cash donations", "Donations in kind" as well as "Voluntary service".

Don Bosco Refugee Work

Don Bosco Refugee Work Austria lists various possibilities on its website on how to support young refugees by giving time, money or clothes and goods.

Erste Bank

If you have time on your hands, you can register it via Erste Bank’s "Time Bank" website. Various partner organisations can then approach and ask you to use this time for charity work.

Ute Bock Refugee Project

The Refugee Project initiated by Frau Bock urgently requires financial support and asks individuals and companies to give money or sponsor the project via its website.


HEMAYAT, the support centre for survivors of war and torture, offers the opportunity to donate money for psychotherapy or translation services via its website.

Humanic Relief

You can donate for different projects, among them refugee relief, on the website of the humanitarian aid agency Humanic Relief.

I am Refugee

The initiative I am Refugee seeks to demonstrate the gradual process towards successful integration and, at the same time, provides a structured overview of the integration projects offered to refugees. In addition, the website of the initiative provides a list of donation options.


The Integrationshaus provides accommodation and help to particularly needy refugees and asylum seekers. For this purpose, the charitable association asks for donations on its website to be able to keep up its good work.

Children’s Emergency Relief Austria

Children’s Emergency Relief Austria initiated the project "Help for Syrian refugee children" in Lebanon and asks for financial support on its website.

Kolping Austria

Kolping Austria and many of its institutions offer individuals who have been driven from their home country a place to stay as well as advice and support. Volunteers may give time, money or donate clothes and goods; further details can be found on their website.

ORF - Help like we do

The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF started the initiative "Help. Like we do" for war refugees together with Caritas, Diakonie, Hilfswerk, Samariterbund, Red Cross and Volkshilfe. Volunteers may offer housing space, but also give money, donate in kind or get involved personally via the related website.

ORF - Neighbour in Need

The ORF aid programme "Neighbour in Need" dedicates a separate website to refugee relief in Syria and has started an initiative for refugees and displaced persons. The page also provides information on various ways to donate, e.g. online or by text.

Austrian Red Cross

Austrian Red Cross supports refugees both in Austria and internationally and provides current news about refugee relief on its website. Apart from donating online, you can also buy hygiene kits or food bags for refugee families.

Workers’ Samaritan Federation

The Samariterbund health and social organisation has opened a separate section on its website where it summarises various possibilities to help refugees.

SOS Children’s Villages Austria

SOS Children’s Villages Austria helps refugee children and young people to find new homes. Donations can help to provide unaccompanied minor refugees with age-appropriate, high-quality care.

SOS Mitmensch

The "We are all fellow human beings" charity SOS Mitmensch strives to give an overview for all the many people who want to help asylum seekers and refugees by providing the necessary information in lists by federal province.

City of Vienna

The City of Vienna has launched its own online platform "Help for refugees" for all those of us who want to "volunteer life" in Vienna. Interested parties may not only offer housing space, give money or donate in kind, but also register with a donation of their time for helping refugees in Vienna in various ways.

Support Committee for the Integration of Migrants

The Support Committee for the Integration of Migrants (UKI) organises free German courses for asylum seekers and asks for donations on its website.

UniClub plus

UniClubplus is a programme for young refugees aged over 15 for whom it is frequently difficult to reconnect to the experiences and interests they had before they were forced to leave their country of origin. The project initiated in October 2015 has been planned and implemented by the Children’s Office of the University of Vienna and also allows you to make donations.

Volkshilfe Austria

The Volkshilfe Austria charity offers the most important information on its website on how volunteers may help refugees in concrete terms. In addition, contact addresses of the relevant provincial organisations may also be found there.

Wiener Hilfswerk

The website of the Wiener Hilfswerk relief organisation asks for donations to support the refugee work of their neighbourhood centres. The ten neighbourhood centres help individuals irrespective of their origin, religion or income status.