Integration Research and Refugee Integration Research

The following units of the University of Vienna conduct research on integration and on the integration of refugees:

Faculty of Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences has established the key research area "Migration, Citizenship and Belonging" which deals with the subject of refugee migration/refugee integration. Christoph Reinprecht (Department of Sociology) acts as the spokesperson for the key research area of the Faculty.

 Department of Sociology

Publications on the subject: esp. by Christoph Reinprecht, Roland Verwiebe, Scheibelhofer, Roswitha Breckner, Hilde Weiss, Yuri Katzepov

Selected projects

  • Labor Market Integration of Refugees in Austria (National Bank of Austria), 2016-2019, project leader: Roland Verwiebe
  • YOUNG_ADULLLT – Policies Supporting Young Adults in their Life Course. A Comparative Perspective of Lifelong Learning and Inclusion in Education and Work in Europe, 2016-2019, project leader: Yuri Kazepov
  • Migrantische Unternehmen in Österreich (Onlineerhebung) (migrant businesses in Austria – online survey), 2015-2016, project leader: Hilde Weiss
  • INSPIRES "Innovative Social and Employment Policies for Inclusive and Resilient Labour Markets in Europe", 2013-2016, project leader: Yuri Kazepov
  • Einfluss der Migration auf Leistungserbringung und Inanspruchnahme von Pflege- und Betreuungsleistungen in Wien (the influence of migration on service provision and the access to care and support services in Vienna), 2013-2015, project leader: Christoph Reinprecht
  • The TRANSLAB Project. Cross-Border Labour Mobility, Transnational Labour Markets and Social Differentiation in the Central European Region, 2012-2015, project leader: Roland Verwiebe  

Research projects at the Department of Sociology

 Department of Political Science

Key research area: "INEX Politics of Inclusion and Exclusion"
Publications on the subject: esp. by Sieglinde Rosenberger, Ilker Atac, Ursula Naue

Selected projects

  • Taking Sides: Protest Against the Deportation of Asylum Seekers, Austrian Science Fund and Swiss National Science Foundation, 2013-2016, project leader: Sieglinde Rosenberger
  • Politics of Belonging in Spaces of Conviviality. Qualitative Analysis of Biographic Narratives and Accounts of Local Space of Autochthon Muslims in Zurich and Vienna, Austrian Academy of Sciences, 2016-2019, project leader: Sieglinde Rosenberger
  • INSIDE the Deportation Gap – Social Membership for Non-Deported Persons, Austrian Science Fund, 2015-2018, project leader: Sieglinde Rosenberger
  • Mobilising narratives in a transnational space. New media as a political site for negotiating Malian-diasporic identifications, Austrian Academy of Sciences, 2016-2019, project leader: Birgit Sauer
  • Progress. Organised Labour and Migrant Workers – in search of supportive practices, EU, project leader: Birgit Sauer
  • DEMO. Challenging Deportation through Mobilization, National Bank of Austria, 2011-2013, project leader: Sieglinde Rosenberger
  • Abschiebepolitik in Österreich (deportation policy in Austria), Future Fund of the Republic of Austria, 2012-2014, project leader: Sieglinde Rosenberger
  • ASYL. Die Achtung der Menschenrechte auf dem Prüfstand: Die Unterbringung von AsylwerberInnen zwischen Regulierung, Ermessensspielräumen und Kampagnen (ASYLUM. The respect for human rights under scrutiny: accommodation of asylum seekers between regulations, administrative discretion and campaigns), Future Fund of the Republic of Austria, 2009-2011, project coordinator: Sieglinde Rosenberger
  • SOM. Support and Opposition to Migration. A Cr

Research projects at the Department of Political Science (in German)

 Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology

Publications on the subject: esp. by Ayse Çağlar, Tatjana Thelen, Hermann Mückler, Monika Palmberger, Gabriele Rasuly-Paleczek

Selected projects

  • Unproblematic belonging? Practices of community and constructions of difference in institutional day-care in Vienna (uni:docs), 2015-2018, project supervisor: Tatjana Thelen 
  • Stayed at home. Men, children and the elderly within the context of female labour migration in Western Ukraine, Austrian Science Fund, project supervisor: Tatjana Thelen 
  • The workings of corporate social responsibility in the (re)configuration of contemporary societies Funding Institution, Austrian Academy of Sciences, 2014-2017, project supervisor: Tatjana Thelen
  • Hertha-Firnberg post-doc Fellowship FWF for Dr. Monika Palmberger (project title: "Placing Memories Ageing and Labor Migrants in Vienna"), 2015-2018, project supervisor: Ayse Çağlar  
  • CITYSCALERS- Migrants, Urban Reinvention, Cultural Industries,Vienna Science and Technology Fund, 2012-2014, project supervisor: Ayse Çağlar

Research projects at the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology

 Department of Communication

Publications on the subject: esp. by Gerit Götzenbrucker, Jörg Matthes, Irmgard Wetzstein, Friedrich Hausjell

Selected projects

  • Role of European Mobility and its Impacts in Narratives, Debates and EU reforms, EU, project leader: Hajo Boomgaarden
  • Serious Beats – Internet use and friendship structures of young migrants in Vienna (with the Vienna University of Technology, Rider University New Jersey and Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh), Vienna Science and Technology Fund, 2011-2013, project leader: Gerit Götzenbrucker and Peter Purgathofer 

Research projects at the Department of Communication

 Research platform "Institute for European Integration Research"

Established in 2011 as a cooperation between the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics and the Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies. Financed from the global budget of the University of Vienna. Project leader: Gerda Falkner (Department of Government).
Publications on the subject: esp. by Gerda Falkner, Peter Slomisnki

Selected projects

  • EUROSPHERE / Diversity and the European Public Sphere - Towards a Citizens' Europe, EU, 2007-2012, project leader: Gerda Falkner

Website of the Institute for European Integration Research

 Research platform "Migration and Integration Research" (2008-2014)

The research platform "Migration and Integration Research" was established from 2008 to 2014. Its aim was to facilitate structured interaction and communication between researchers and to promote interdisciplinary research at the University of Vienna. The research platform served as an institution to bring together the different disciplinary and methodological approaches and traditions. Furthermore, it aimed at jointly developing theoretical and empirical views on migration and integration processes that allow for research to be conducted across traditional and disciplinary borders. Faculties involved: Faculty of Law, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Psychology. Project leader: Christoph Reinprecht
Publications on the subject: esp. by Heinz Faßmann, Richard Potz and Hilde Weiss

Selected projects

  • Research project database (Forschungsprojekte-Datenbank). This database was set up in cooperation between the research platform and the Department of Sociology and contains research projects relating to migration and integration that have been carried out at the University of Vienna since 2004. The database contains almost 500 relevant research projects – both funded as well as non-funded projects such as doctoral theses and habilitation theses – and more than 1,500 publications (as of September 2014).

Research project database (in German)

Faculty of Philosophy and Education

 Department of Education

Publications on the subject: esp. by Ednan Aslan, Irini Siouti, Elena Makarova, Henning Schluß

Selected projects

  • Imame in Österreich (Imams in Austria), Federal Ministry of the Interior, project leader: Ednan Aslan
  • Muslimische Milieus in Österreich (Muslim communities in Austria), Federal Ministry of the Interior, project leader: Ednan Aslan
  • Citizenship Education and Islam, Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, project leader: Ednan Aslan 
  • Bildungsversprechen und Teilhabe – Evaluation von kompetenzorientiertem Unterricht und Schulentwicklung in der Sekundastufe II (educational promises and participation – an evaluation of competence-oriented teaching and school development at secondary level II), Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, project leader: Henning Schluß
  • Islamische Kindergärten/Kindergruppen in Wien (Islamic nursery schools/kindergarten groups in Vienna), City of Vienna, 2016-2017, project leader: Henning Schluss and Ednan Aslan 

Research projects at the Department of Education

Research projects on Islamic Religious Education

Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies

 Department of German Studies

Publications on the subject: esp. by Inci Dirim, Brigitta Busch, Alisha Heinemann, Magdalena Knappik 

Selected projects

  • Unterrichtsbegleitende Sprachstandsbeobachtung – Deutsch als Zweitsprache in Österreich (in-class evaluation of language competences – German as a second language in Austria), Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, 2011-2013, project leader: Inci Dirim
  • Diversität und Mehrsprachigkeit in pädagogischen Berufen (diversity and multilingualism in pedagogic professions), 2011-2013, Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, project leader: Inci Dirim
  • When Plurilingual Speakers Encounter Unilingual Environments. Migrants from African Countries in Vienna: Language Practices and Institutional Communication, Vienna Science and Technology Fund, 2011-2013, project leader: Brigitta Busch

Research projects at the Department of German Studies (in German)

 Department of Linguistics

Publications on the subject: esp. by Florian Menz, Rudolf de Cillia

Selected projects

  • "Kommunikative Professionalisierung" in der Flüchtlingshilfe – Eine ethnographische Pilotstudie zu Bedarfen, Positionierungen und Praktiken in einem Wiener Projekt ("communicative professionalisation" in refugee relief – an ethnographic pilot study on needs, positions and practices in a Viennese project), City of Vienna, 2016-2017, project leaders: Jürgen Spitzmüller and Brigitta Busch
  • Individuelle Erwerbsverläufe im sinnerfassenden Lesen mehrsprachiger SchülerInnen (individual trajectories in receptive reading among multilingual schoolchildren), Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, 2013-2014, project leader: Nadja Kerschhofer-Puhal 

Research projects at the Department of Linguistics

 Research Platform "Mobile Cultures and Societies" (2014-2017)

As a cooperation between the Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies and the Faculty of Social Sciences this research platform investigates phenomena and conditions of cultural and social mobility. Combining different disciplinary approaches, theories and procedures enables the development of new methodological, structural and content-related categories of research in the field of mobility studies at the University of Vienna. The platform places particular emphasis on characteristic and uncharacteristic features of mobility and on their representation in the media. Project leader: Annegret Pelz (Department of German Studies) 

Research projects of the research platform "Mobile Cultures and Societies"

Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy

 Department of Geography and Regional Research

In the framework of the key research area "Applied Geography, Spatial Research and Spatial Planning", the department’s researchers investigate migration and integration processes in the Austrian, European and urban context. The research area "Human Geography" explores the concepts of spatial mobility and demographic policy. The research area "Regionalgeographie und Fachdidaktik" (regional geography and subject-specific didactics) focuses on spatial population research (fertility, migration processes, demographic ageing).
Publications on the subject: esp. by Heinz Faßmann, Patrick Sakdapolrak, Karl Husa

Selected projects

  • SEEMIG – Managing Migration and its Effects in SEE Transnational Actions Towards Evidence Based Strategies, EU, 2007-2014, project leader: Heinz Faßmann
  • TIES / The Integration of the European Second Generation, Austrian Science Fund, project leader: Heinz Faßmann 

Research projects at the Department of Geography and Regional Research

Faculty of Psychology

Publications on the subject: esp. by Barbara Schober, Christiane Spiel, Elisabeth Stefanek, Pia Deimann, Ursula Kastner-Koller, Martin Voracek, Brigitte Lueger-Schuster

The academics working on the research area "Bildungspsychologie und Evaluation" (educational psychology and evaluation) at the Department of Applied Psychology: Work, Education and Economy are currently investigating the subject area and focus on social relations in the context of multicultural schools.

Selected projects

  • Förderung von sozialer und interkultureller Kompetenz in der Schule: Durchführung des WiSK als Schulprogramm – Entwicklung eines Weiterbildungslehrgangs für LehrerInnenteams (promoting social and intercultural competences at schools: implementing the WiSK programme as a school programme  – development of a continuing education programme for teachers/teaching teams), Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, 2008-2011, project leaders: Christiane Spiel and Dagmar Strohmeier
  • Interkulturelle Beziehungen im Spannungsfeld zwischen Integration und Ausgrenzung. Migrantenkinder in Wien (Intercultural relationships between the poles of integration and exclusion. Migrant children in Vienna), Austrian Academy of Sciences, 2002-2004, project leaders: Christiane Spiel and Dagmar Strohmeier
  • Diversity mit Fokus auf Gender (diversity with a focus on gender), 2011-2012, project leaders: Christiane Spiel and Barbara Schober 

Research projects at the Faculty of Psychology (in German)

Faculty of Law

 Research Centre Human Rights (2014-2017)

The research centre was established in May 2014 as a subunit of the Faculty of Law at the University of Vienna. It succeeds the research platform "Human Rights in the European Context" (2006-2014) following six years of successful interdisciplinary research in the field of human rights. Project leader: Manfred Nowak

15 academics from ten departments of five faculties (Faculty of Law, Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies, Faculty of Catholic Theology) joined forces to promote interdisciplinary research in the field of human rights.
Publications: esp. by Manfred Nowak and Christina Binder

Selected projects  

  • Atlas of Torture, UN, 2008-2014, project leader: Manfred Nowak
  • Sprachwahl in Straf- und Asylverfahren mit Verfahrensbeteiligten aus afrikanischen Herkunftsländern (language choice in criminal proceedings and asylum procedures involving parties from African countries of origin), National Bank of Austria, project leader: Walter Schicho
  • Vielfalt und Chancengleichheit auf betrieblicher Ebene (diversity and equal opportunities at company level), Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft, project leader: Katrin Wladasch
  • Der Schutz von ausländischen Folteropfern, die um internationalen Schutz in Österreich ansuchen (protection of foreign victims of torture applying for international protection in Austria), Future Fund of the Republic of Austria and City of Vienna, project leader: Manfred Nowak
  • Initiativkolleg "Empowerment through Human Rights" (initiative group), University of Vienna, 2010-2015, project leader: Manfred Nowak

Research projects at the Human Rights Research Centre

Faculty of Catholic Theology

 Research Platform "Religion and Transformation in Contemporary European Society" (2010-2018)

The research platform pools academics from more than seven faculties and 14 disciplines (Catholic and Protestant theology, study of religions, social sciences, law, cultural studies, philosophy and education). It investigates the interrelations between religion, religiousness and transformation processes in the current global context. Project leader: Kurt Appel (Department of Practical Theology)
Publications: esp. by Regina Polak, Wolfram Reiss, Martin Rothgangl, Rüdiger Lohlker, Christian Friesl

Selected projects

  • Liberale Toleranz? Zum politischen Umgang mit Meinungs- und Religionsfreiheit im Schock religiös motivierter Gewalt (Liberal tolerance? Political approaches to freedom of expression and religion under the shock of religiously motivated violence), University of Vienna, February to December 2016, project leader: Sieglinde Rosenberger
  • Religious Fundamentalism, University of Vienna and the Future Fund of the Republic of Austria, project management: research platform
  • Vienna Observatory of Applied Research on Terrorism and Extremism – VORTEX, Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior, project leader: Rüdiger Lohlker
  • Bridging hosts and refugees: Voluntary refugee support groups as agents for diverse and cohesive societies?, University of Vienna, project leader: Sieglinde Rosenberger
  • Leben und Lernen von und mit Flüchtlingen (living and learning from and with refugees), project leader: Regina Polak
  • Migration, Flucht und Religion – Buchprojekt (migration, flight and religion – book project), project leader: Regina Polak
  • Religion and Diaspora: The Korean Community in Austria (Baijin Trading, Seoul), October 2016 to February 2017, project leader: Lukas Pokorny
  • Wertestudie 2017 (values study 2017), project leaders: Regina Polak and Christian Friesl

 Research platform "Department for Ethics and Law in Medicine"

Research topics of the platform include intercultural and interreligious ethics in medicine and nursing as well as migration and health.
Publications on the subject: esp. by Ulrich Körtner, Maria Kletečka-Pulker 

Selected projects

  • Gesundheitsförderung von nicht-deutschsprachigen Personen durch den Einsatz von Videodolmetschen (health promotion for non-German-speaking persons through the use of video interpreting), Österreichische Plattform Patientensicherheit, November 2012 to April 2015, project leader: Maria Kletečka-Pulker
  • Gebärdensprachdolmetscher am Display (sign language interpreters on the display), 2015, Österreichische Plattform Patientensicherheit, project leader: Maria Kletečka-Pulker
  • Detention of vulnerable Asylum Seekers, EU, November 2008 to April 2010
  • Erfahrungen von Asylwerbern mit der Gesundheitsversorgung in Österreich (asylum seekers’ experiences with healthcare in Austria): research project by students of the University of Vienna in the framework of the course "Health and Migration", University of Vienna, April 2010 to September 2010, project leader: M. Schöpf, J. Inthorn
  • Ökonomischer Aufwand aufgrund von Sprachbarrieren bei der medizinischen Versorgung von MigrantInnen (economic costs caused by language barriers in medical care for migrants), project leader: Carina Hauser
  • Sprachbarriere – (K)ein Problem? Lösungsstrategien Wiener Kinderärztinnen (Language barrier – a/no problem? Solution strategies of Viennese paediatricians), October 2012 to April 2013, project leader: Sabine Parrag