The University of Vienna is open to students from all over the world. Its students come from over 130 different countries, including Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. The University of Vienna would like to make it possible for refugees to be integrated into degree programmes as quickly as possible, and is therefore keen to find non-bureaucratic transitional solutions.


for asylum seekers and persons entitled to asylum

The University of Vienna awards scholarships to asylum seekers and persons entitled to asylum to pay the course fees for the University Preparation Programme of the Vienna Universities or the examination fee for the supplementary examination for German offered by the Vienna Universities. The scholarships are funded through the scholarship fund of the University of Vienna.

Additional information is available on the website of the Studienpräses (in German).

Info sheet

Studying at the University of Vienna

The info sheet ''Studying at the University of Vienna" provides important information for asylum seekers, Convention refugees and persons granted subsidiary protection on topics like financing, selecting a programme, admission and nostrification. It is available in two different languages: German and English.

Frequently Asked Questions

The range of degree programmes offered by the University of Vienna comprises more than 180 degree programmes (bachelor's, master's and doctoral programmes). You can receive information from:

•    Student Point
•    StudienServiceCenter
•    UniOrientiert, Informationsveranstaltung für SchülerInnen und Studieninteressierte
•    ÖH der Universität Wien (in German)

Around 100 asylum seekers/Convention refugees are currently studying at the University of Vienna. Larger numbers of them are studying Law (17) and Pharmacy (16), and the remainder are divided up over the entire range of degree programmes, from bachelor’s to doctoral programmes. Their main countries of origin are currently Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Syria.

Before commencing with your studies, please make sure to check how starting a degree programme or a university preparation programme may affect your financial situation or benefits. Different regulations apply according to the student or resident status.

•    Basic services for asylum seekers (in German)
•    Needs-based minimum benefits for recognised refugees and persons granted subsidiary protection (in German)
•    Federal aid for recognised refugees by the Austrian Study Grant Authority (in German)
•    Austrian Database for Scholarships and Research Grants

In order to be admitted to a degree programme at the University of Vienna, you need a secondary-school leaving certificate or a relevant university degree (for master's or doctoral/PhD programmes). If you do no longer have these documents, you can apply for a replacement document.
The legalisation of the documents  and a special university entrance qualification (Studienplatznachweis) are not necessary. Instead, you have to present proof of your status as a recognised refugee/asylum seeker (e.g. Convention travel document, etc.)

•    Information on the admission procedure, the required documents and German language skills
•    Information on the application/aptitude procedure that is required for some degree programmes, the admission procedure for these degree programmes and German language skills

If your German language proficiency does not yet correspond to level B2/2 (C1 for the winter semester 2018) and you have an official notice of admission for a bachelor's, programme (and most master`s and doctoral`s programmes) at the University of Vienna, you can attend a German language course for the duration of four semesters, being initially considered a non-degree programme student.

•    Information regarding registration and costs of the German language course

You might get a partial reimbursement of the course fee for the university preparation programme (VWU) through a grant provided by the University of Vienna. The application period for this grant (for courses in the summer semester of 2018) starts on 1  November 2017 and ends on 15 December 2017.

•    Information regarding grants (in German)

Further support:
•    Antira-socialfunds of the Austrian National Union of Students (ÖH) at the University of Vienna
•    Classes in German by the Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF)

Find all information on the accepted German language certificates at the website of the Student Point.

Asylum seekers, Convention refugees and persons granted subsidiary protection enrolled in a bachelor's, master's or doctoral programme can apply for equivalence with EU/EEA citizens and are exempt from tuition fees while studying within the standard duration of their degree programme plus two additional semesters and only have to pay the Students' Union fee (EUR 19.20 per semester). Afterwards, you have to pay tuition fees amounting to EUR 363.36 per semester.

You can find detailed information at the website of the Student Point.

If you have been admitted to a degree programme, you can plan your semester and create your timetable.

You can obtain more information at the website of the Student Point.

Nostrification stands for the recognition of a foreign degree as an Austrian one. Through nostrification, the foreign degree is declared to be equivalent to an Austrian university degree. The holder is then also entitled to use an Austrian academic title. You should only file a nostrification application if the requested nostrification is mandatory for practising a profession or for continuing your education (this primarily encompasses regulated professions such as teacher education, pharmacy, law). The fee for nostrification currently amounts to EUR 150 and has to be paid in advance.

You can find all information about nostrification at the website of the Studienpräses.



Further information on the topic of studying can be obtained from Student Point.

Library card for refugees and asylum seekers

Refugees and asylum seekers receive the library card free of charge. Thus, they do not have to pay the annual fee. Usually, asylum seekers and refugees whose status has been clarified possess documents confirming their status as well as a Meldenachweis (registration certificate). They receive an annual library card (classified as Status 05 Jahreskarte) for the University Library. Reminder fees and overdue charges may still apply.


Studying at the University of Vienna - Information for asylum seekers, Convention refugees and persons granted subsidiary protection (English)



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Studying at the University of Vienna - Information for asylum seekers, Convention refugees and persons granted subsidiary protection (German)



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